Paul Meadow-TWS

8pm- Martina Fiserova



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and here’s why:

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Sunset Park, Brooklyn’s Stirling Krusing and Chris Lee are Paul Meadow who present the premiere of their single “I Love This Town” from their forthcoming Cheap & Easy EP available December 10. Chris and Stirling struck a bond at a pub upon losing their jobs penning ad jingles for a firm to create the Paul Meadow musical vehicle. A song that arrives just in time for that special season where the city metropolitan districts are in a gridlock locked in the grip of all consuming hordes of shopping addicted zealots paying homage on credit card fueled worship binges to the department stores and corporate chains of retail commerce. (read full article)

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At first glance, you’d be forgiven if you thought Paul Meadow was a single person. But alas, it’s merely the moniker of Brooklyn duo Stirling Krusing and Chris Lee. Labeling their sound as slop folk, Paul Meadow have dazzled fans in their native borough for the better part of the past few years. Ahead of a new EP that’s slated to drop later this year, we’re premiering the video for “Killer of Dreams” today that was also presented at the New York City Independent Film Festival. (read more)

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